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    h3. Primary Pantheon *Good* [[Panthys]] - The God of the Harvest [[The Artificer]] - The God of the Smiths [[Londe]] - The Lady of Life [[Nilia]] - The Goddess of the Sun [[Alwyn]] - The God of the Seas *Neutral* [[Caligo]] - The Goddess of …

  • Panthys

    Panthys, the God of the Harvest, is associated with nature, agriculture, hunting, and growth.

  • The Artificer

    The Artificer, the God of the Smiths, is associated with crafting, wealth, smithing, peace, and writing.

  • Londe

    Londe, the Lady of Life, is associated with healing, fertility, love, beauty, and devotion.

  • Nilia

    Nilia, the Goddess of the Sun, is associated with knowledge, the day, light, courage, and protection.

  • Alwyn

    Alwyn, the God of the Seas, is associated with song, inspiration, trade, purity, and change.

  • Caligo

    Caligo, the Goddess of Death, is associated with death, order, the afterlife, and dreams.

  • Nix

    Nix, the Goddess of the Stars, is associated with magic, time, fate, divination, and objectivity.

  • Tulistus

    Tulistus, the God of Flames, is associated with war, glory, illusion, and renewal.

  • Tenebris

    Tenebris, the God of the Depths, is associated with secrets, forgotten knowledge, and dark magic.

  • Nyduna

    Nyduna, the Goddess of the Moon, is associated with mysteries, the night, darkness, self-sacrifice, and loss.

  • E'tura

    E'tura, the God of Storms, is associated with vengeance, lies, rage, and power.

  • Nõidus

    Nõidus, the Lord of the Void, is associated with necromancy, pain, trickery, and suffering.

  • Anudyn

    Anudyn, the Exiled Brother, is associated with evil, hatred, insanity, murder, and demons.